Mission Green Punjab


Roadmap to address the objectives of Mission Green Punjab:

  • The Mission will cover whole state of Punjab. It will commence by appointing Ambassadors, Volunteers, and Members.
  • Ambassadors will be appointed at the booth /area / ward/ patti levelin both urban &rural areas.
  • Ambassadors will further nominate Volunteers and regularly inspect their work, offering guidance and motivation on a weekly basis.
  • Volunteers will enroll "responsible member of single home" as "Member" of Mission Green Punjab, who will be committed to planting, protecting, and maintaining trees, with a minimum number equal to the size of their family in their surroundings.
  • Under this mission, MOUs will be also signed with various NGOs, Social Service Institutions, Educational Institutions, Organizations, Industries, Government / Departments etc. who will appoint its respective Ambassadors, Volunteers & Members to accomplish the desired goal and also share the progress on the website after taking inputs from all three stakeholders. We are signing these functional MOUs, so that the concerned work of these Institutions / Organizations can be recognized.
  • Volunteers will personally monitor the progress & growth of trees for the registered members on regular basis (at least once a week).
  • Volunteers will ensure the updations of all activities on the website of the Mission on regular basis, so that the Ambassadors and Promoters of the Mission stay updated about the progress of work / activities.
  • Trees will be planted in or near the homes of members to ensure regular inspection and proper care, including adequate watering.
  • Outstanding performers among Organizations / Institutions / NGOs, Ambassadors,Volunteers&Memberswill be duly recognized for their contributions.
  • We found & established that the root cause of improper nurturing & growth of trees is the "Stray cattle / animals". The stray cattle are not only the biggest threat to the Crops of farmers but also one of the major reasons of road accidents too. To meet this challenge, a Cluster of adjoining villages will be constituted and "STRAY CATTLE / ANIMALS" shelters will be established & managed by the active participation of all the stakeholders i.e. Gram Panchayats, Government, Industries, NGOs, Educational Institutions& Social Workers etc.
  • All activities related to Mission Green Punjab will be recorded, updated &accessed on an interactive & dedicated website i.e.www.missiongreenpunjab.com.


EMAIL ID: missiongreenpunjab@gmail.com

Mobile No. 9501115015

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Mission Green Punjab

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