Mission Green Punjab

Vision & Mission.


To give the earth a green cover and provide its future generations a healthy environment.

Our Goal

  • To increase the green cover of Punjab by planting and safeguarding trees.
  • To plant the trees equal to population of state of Punjab to foster a greener environment.
  • To expand and enrich green belt areas to enhance the overall ecological balance.
  • To reach out to every household in Punjab, encouraging and involving them in this transformative movement towards a greener habitat.
  • To actively engage communities and individuals in widespread tree planting and nurturing initiatives.
  • To raise awareness about the crucial role of trees in combating climate change and conserving biodiversity through education, outreach, and collaborations.
  • To build a global movement that involves people of all ages in restoring and expanding green spaces, revitalizing urban landscapes, and promoting the well-being of our planet.
  • To educate and encourage people to protect the trees planted in their surroundings and habitats.
  • To motivate individuals to participate in tree planting and protecting in their local areas.
  • To implement an effective stray cattle management system to safeguard trees from stray animal damage.
  • To align Industry and Govt. bodies to be an important part of this much desired mission of "Plant & Save Trees.

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Mission Green Punjab

Join the mission by planting trees.